Because of the growing threat of the armed group ISIS (IS or ISIL), and countries mobilizing themselves for a full blown war to eradicate this evil foe, we will talk more about this particular conflict instead of making it a mix and mash of different world conflicts within one blog. Take the time to watch this particular video that was filmed behind enemy line in Syria and Iraq. Make sure you watch all parts of the documentary!

mercredi 25 février 2015

Canadian Brandon Glossop goes to War against ISIS

After hearing from bikers from Europe joining Kurdish Forces in Iraq to fight against ISIS last summer/fall, I was proud this morning to learn more about an Afghanistan's war veteran joining the fight against the barbaric fighters of ISIS. Him being Canadian made it even a greater joy in my hearth since being Canadian and a past member of the armed forces made it special to me. (I already told my dad that if I would be younger and in better shape, I would join the fight......ISIS has to be stopped matter what it takes)

My new hero, Brandon Glossop has now joined a fighting unit of Kurds fighters and we all wish him the best.

Mr Glossop be safe out there.......we are behind you 100%!

Picture from Brandon Glossop on Facebook while serving in Afghanistan.

lundi 23 février 2015

More news from our beloved ISIS

All I can say is that ISIS has a great propaganda department. After seeing that hostages being beheaded was not getting their message across, they came with the new and brilliant idea of burning the Jordanian pilot alive, stuck in a cage for us to fear their all mighty powers.

This week, the came up with more Peshmerga fighters hostages stuck in cages to show how ''strong'' they can be after beheading the Christians from Libya last week.

The US, UK and others including Canada's troops need to be sent to at least lead the troops of Arab countries that are already in the fight. The Iraqis, Jordanians and Kurds could use the expertise of Western military units sent to fight ISIS.

And what Turkey will eventually do?

The spread of ISIS has to stop within a few months before it will be to hard to push back. Western military strategies and weapons could be used by Arab military forces to stop ISIS to progress.

mercredi 18 février 2015

ISIS What To Think.......

I have had my share of reading on ISIS these past days. I am not the most articulate blogger on the internet, but I daily wonder what brought us to this insane delirium. In my mind, it has nothing in reference with a clash of ideas or is just insanity at a higher level.Wars have been fought since the beginning of mankind, but we could clearly see what were the objectives.... This time we see an armed group wanting to bring back a caliphate to the middle-east....unleashing terror and unprecedented killings live on the internet. I have read a great article about ISIS gave me some insights on the armed group's motives....while lest me wonder and worry about it all.

ISIS has been very active in the past week with the killings of the 21 Christians in Libya and their fights with Kurds yesterday in the Erbil sector.

vendredi 13 février 2015

ISIS takes over al-Baghdadi

ISIS took over the city of al-Baghdadi near Ramadi, and have launched an attack on the Ayn al-Assad air base that was repulsed by Iraqi and coalition forces stationed there. A total of eight suicide bombers wearing Iraqi uniforms were killed when trying to enter the air base perimeter.

mercredi 11 février 2015

ISIS.....Team America is on it's way.....

The Republicans would be ready to cede more authority to President Obama to fight ISIS in a ground war. Yes, it seems that Americans will have boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria in the near future.

So, when can we expect American combat troops to be fighting ISIS? What will be the international and regional reactions? What countries will join a possible coalition? I believe the Iraqis, the Kurds , the Jordanians and others already fighting in the immediate region will feel better knowing help will be on their way.....but when?

lundi 9 février 2015

The UK soon at war against ISIS?

A UK government source has revealed today that they would be sending 2000 troops and a spy plane to Jordan to help in the effort to combat ISIS from Jordan. These troops are specialized combat troops including a first group of 60 military planners mainly involved in a training capacity.

dimanche 8 février 2015

Should we worry about these rumors about ISIS?

Should we worry about this news coming from BuzzFeed News concerning over 4000 jihadis of the ISIS that would have been deployed by ISIS in western countries and that are getting ready to launch terrorist attacks on Europe or North America?

From the information on BuzzFeed News they mention that they got this interview with an ISIS operative in Turkey....but how much of all this is true?

We already got attacks in Canada, NYC and France in the past months from radicalized lone wolves in Canada and New York City and ISIS trained terrorists in France......What is next?