Because of the growing threat of the armed group ISIS (IS or ISIL), and countries mobilizing themselves for a full blown war to eradicate this evil foe, we will talk more about this particular conflict instead of making it a mix and mash of different world conflicts within one blog. Take the time to watch this particular video that was filmed behind enemy line in Syria and Iraq. Make sure you watch all parts of the documentary!

mercredi 11 février 2015

ISIS.....Team America is on it's way.....

The Republicans would be ready to cede more authority to President Obama to fight ISIS in a ground war. Yes, it seems that Americans will have boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria in the near future.

So, when can we expect American combat troops to be fighting ISIS? What will be the international and regional reactions? What countries will join a possible coalition? I believe the Iraqis, the Kurds , the Jordanians and others already fighting in the immediate region will feel better knowing help will be on their way.....but when?

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