Because of the growing threat of the armed group ISIS (IS or ISIL), and countries mobilizing themselves for a full blown war to eradicate this evil foe, we will talk more about this particular conflict instead of making it a mix and mash of different world conflicts within one blog. Take the time to watch this particular video that was filmed behind enemy line in Syria and Iraq. Make sure you watch all parts of the documentary!

mercredi 25 février 2015

Canadian Brandon Glossop goes to War against ISIS

After hearing from bikers from Europe joining Kurdish Forces in Iraq to fight against ISIS last summer/fall, I was proud this morning to learn more about an Afghanistan's war veteran joining the fight against the barbaric fighters of ISIS. Him being Canadian made it even a greater joy in my hearth since being Canadian and a past member of the armed forces made it special to me. (I already told my dad that if I would be younger and in better shape, I would join the fight......ISIS has to be stopped matter what it takes)

My new hero, Brandon Glossop has now joined a fighting unit of Kurds fighters and we all wish him the best.

Mr Glossop be safe out there.......we are behind you 100%!

Picture from Brandon Glossop on Facebook while serving in Afghanistan.

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