Because of the growing threat of the armed group ISIS (IS or ISIL), and countries mobilizing themselves for a full blown war to eradicate this evil foe, we will talk more about this particular conflict instead of making it a mix and mash of different world conflicts within one blog. Take the time to watch this particular video that was filmed behind enemy line in Syria and Iraq. Make sure you watch all parts of the documentary!

lundi 23 février 2015

More news from our beloved ISIS

All I can say is that ISIS has a great propaganda department. After seeing that hostages being beheaded was not getting their message across, they came with the new and brilliant idea of burning the Jordanian pilot alive, stuck in a cage for us to fear their all mighty powers.

This week, the came up with more Peshmerga fighters hostages stuck in cages to show how ''strong'' they can be after beheading the Christians from Libya last week.

The US, UK and others including Canada's troops need to be sent to at least lead the troops of Arab countries that are already in the fight. The Iraqis, Jordanians and Kurds could use the expertise of Western military units sent to fight ISIS.

And what Turkey will eventually do?

The spread of ISIS has to stop within a few months before it will be to hard to push back. Western military strategies and weapons could be used by Arab military forces to stop ISIS to progress.

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